Pool Heating

ENDLESS SUMMERS – enjoy your pool all year roundSolar Wise Logo

Solarwise harnesses the suns natural energy to keep your pool at a comfortable and relaxing temperature all year round.

How does it work? – visit the Emerald Aquatic Centre for more information.
You can buy it as a kit or have us arrange installation for you.

Solar Energy is essentially “God Given” and free with the only running costs being the costs for running the circulating pump which would be expected to be around $100.00 per year.

Heat Pumps

Working much like a refrigerator or reverse cycle air conditioner, Heat Pumps extract heat out of the air to pre-warm cold liquid refrigerant which vaporizes as itgets warm, then to a compressor which once compressed raises the gasto a high temperature that is transferred into the pool water through the Titanium heat exchanger. After the hot gas gives up the heat to the cold pool water the refrigerant gas then Condenses back to a liquid again and after being reduced to a lower pressure, the process repeats itself.
Although Heat Pumps usepower for every 1kW they use of electricity to run the Fan & Compressor they return 4kW of heat to the
pool through the properties fo the refrigerant used and the vapor compression cycle.

The Miracle Heat Pump units have Standard Features like:

  •  Stainless Steel frame (long life corrosion resist)
  •  Treated evaporator coil (long life)
  •  Titanium heat exchanger tube in PVC outer shell (long life)
  •  Reverse cycle (heat & chill) – (good for cooling pool in summer)
  •  Inbuilt flow switch (to protect against lack of water flow)

A Miracle Heat Pump can be connected to Controlled Supply Tafiff 33 if available at your premises and based on a pool temperature of 26 – 28 oC all year round would cost around $500.00 per annum.