Special Needs Classes

We endeavour to find a place in our swim school for all budding swimmers and this includes children with disabilities. For some, this means that a mainstream class is just not a viable option! That’s why, at Bobtrac Swim School, we have a Special Needs program offering one-on-one classes with me! I have been running this program for a few seasons now and absolutely love it. I’ve worked with children with varying disabilities and I tailor each lesson to their individual needs, abilities and personality. For some, this has meant a video game themed lesson, one where I sing songs from Frozen nearly the entire time, or where I refer to the child exclusively as a polar bear! Water safety practices are a big part of my program, teaching all students to keep themselves and others safe around water and what to do if a dangerous situation did arise. Floating on their back, treading water, reach rescues and how to find help and call 000 are just a few of the safety practices that are taught throughout the term.

Parent-teacher communication is key, whether they are a brand new student or have been with me for a few seasons. If you are interested in enrolling your child, or perhaps you have already done so and would like to touch base again, please feel free to contact me at the Emerald Aquatic Centre to arrange a time when we can meet for a chat- even a cup of coffee!

Look forward to hearing from you!

-Chelsea Forsyth